Press/Photos: Zendaya for ‘The Hollywood Reporter’

Press/Photos: Zendaya for ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ Magazine

Zendaya is featured in the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter. I’ve added scans and the photo session to the gallery. She looks lovely.

The 23-year-old star-producer’s profile (and bankability) continues to grow with the announcement of a Lancôme contract in February, a second fashion collection with Tommy Hilfiger and well-reviewed turns in Spider Man: Far From Home and HBO’s Euphoria. With her confident delivery of stellar red carpet looks and a following that numbers 61.8 million on Instagram, Zendaya “has netted Lancôme over 3 billion digital impressions, at an earned media value of over $86 billion,” says Stacy Jones, CEO of marketing agency Hollywood Branded. Her feed has even featured the occasional updo, which the actress used “to be against,” says Stephen. “I always heard her say, ‘My edges look so thin.’ I said, ‘You haven’t had my ponytail.'”

TOP RED CARPET LOOK Channeling Cinderella — or Zenderella, as Daley called it — for a camp-themed Met Gala look exemplified the actress’ “transition from childhood life to her adulthood.” Zendaya’s stylist Law Roach masterminded the princess-blue Tommy Hilfiger gown, which lit up as Zendaya arrived on the red carpet. Says Daley, “Law wanted to embody the whole look from the movie, from the dress to the hair to the makeup,” which included blue shades from Lancôme’s Teal Fury shadow palette. For her Instagram fans, Zendaya, a former child star who became famous for her roles on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover, acknowledged the symbolism: “A fairy-tale ending to my Disney days.”

The Euphoria star-producer’s best advice for red carpet prepping? “Give yourself extra time. However much time you think you need, add an hour,” she says. “I’d much rather be relaxed and chill.” Adds Stephen: “It’s like getting a bride ready for her wedding. It’s an opportunity for everyone — hairstylist, makeup artist, stylist, client — to share their best.”